I live and work in the North San Diego Area and have over 25 years experience in residential and commercial interior design. I am a Certified Interior Designer (CID) which ensures a high standard of knowledge of interior design, architecture, building codes and my adherence to professional ethics and business procedures. I believe we are born with certain gifts and talents and we thrive when we tap these as our profession. I am thriving and I love my profession. My clients benefit from this because I never tire of my job. Each space I encounter has a new story to be told and I work diligently to leave you happy and satisfied with the new interior design we have created. Helping you define your style, incorporating your personality and treasured possessions to realize your perfect space is what it’s all about. Let’s tell your story.   Deborah Vanderzel

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 I applied this as jumping off point for my brand. Without being too literal, I used a hexagon for my logo and a classic color palette of black, gold, white and gray. When designing interiors the same principal applies, there is an inspiration and we apply color theory and  design fundamentals to create a cohesive look.

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interior designer phobia                       

Uncomfortable having a designer come to you home and “gasp” see it? I can tell you that EVERY home I visit for the first time, the prospective new client apologizes for the way it looks. It must be a human response impulse, that we think what we have and how we live is not perfect and therefore must apologize for it. Nonsense! We designers have seen it all… the good, bad and the ugly and we don’t care. There is never judgment, only the joy of the prospect of a new project and helping you to achieve your personal paradise, because we love what we do.

When I was thinking about a tagline, I really took a long hard look at what I do for my client, and what it means. This is it:

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If you really  would like the professional advice from an interior designer, don’t second guess yourself, make that call. You will be pleasantly surprised and very happy you did.




the art of giving

I believe we are naturally generous and it brings great joy to serve and volunteer

If you are a north San Diego county  non profit organization, and have a need for design services for public and common areas that are unsafe, unsightly and need attention, I will donate my time to a worthy cause. Contact me with details.  Deborah Vanderzel



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